The art of painting on water

In ancient Japan, painting on water was considered a divinatory art, believed to predict the future, so it was kept hidden for years and only used at the emperor's court.

Following the random flow of water and ink creates an unexpected and unprecedented work, in which we can identify the soul that guides us by accelerating the recognition and definition of the person.

who I am

Beatrice Basso

As a child I always had a great attraction to water and art, and dreamed of becoming a dancer....


...only recently did I realise that my wish was fulfilled by dancing on the surface of the water with my brushes and colours that blend into a slow, elegant, sinuous flow, just as I dreamed as a child.


Workshop - Courses

This method allows us to use the communicative power of images to be able to communicate with ourselves on a higher, deeper and more effective level. Expressing emotions, feelings or thoughts through words, is often difficult or complicated because words are not enough or are inadequate. The visual/artistic language of images can help us to express what we cannot say out loud.


Preparation, Execution and Interpretation:​

the three phases of development of the 



Personal growth paths tailor-made for the person or the context at hand, favouring

the experiential and creative approach


  • I decided to take part in this course with Beatrice to give myself a great opportunity: to work on myself. I learned which emotions move us all, how these emotions work on us and above all how they affect our relationships. It helped me to understand more about myself, my behaviour, my reactions and how best to manage the emotions I feel without them getting the upper hand.
  • A very original course because it manages to bring you into contact with that “latent” part of yourself, which finds its expression through water. The fact that water, an element that is so natural to us, manages to capture and release our sensations and make you understand the importance of keeping a balance is very striking. My thanks go to Beatrice who, with her passion and her listening, made it all a unique experience!
  • Beatrice is a fantastic coach and thanks to this experience, which I will always carry in my heart, I was able to revisit many aspects of my life that I had always underestimated until now, leaving the past behind, transforming my insecurity into confidence and my negative feelings into positive ones. I encourage everyone to try this experience with Beatrice, thanks to whom I was able to rediscover myself by gaining a new awareness of myself and my abilities. Thank you Beatrice, you have been my guide in this wonderful journey and you have helped me to regain myself and my uniqueness.
  • I felt I had to take some time for myself, this instrument intrigued me (suminagashi), it has an extraordinary power. A profound work of self-discovery but at the same time fluid and light as a sinuous dance, impeccably conducted with great sensitivity by Beatrice. An experience to be lived several times because each time offers a different view of oneself, nourishing the heart and soul. With gratitude,
  • The experience of drawing on water gives you the opportunity to visualise your thoughts and emotions. Beatrice accompanies you with her professionalism and sensitivity to understand the shapes imprinted on the paper, which reveal parts of you that have been hidden until then. All of which makes this experience of rare beauty a priceless moment of concentration and focus.


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